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What You Can Get Out Of Custom Blinds Custom blinds can add that extra oomph to your room d?cor. You can make your window treatments more versatile, either for a new home or just a renovation project. It is important with custom blinds to measure them so that they will fit properly with your windows. Make sure you do the proper steps so that accurate window measurements can be taken. It is vital to use a steel tape measure so that you will get the right window measurements. Measurements should also be rounded off to the eight of an inch. It is also important to measure twice so that you can prevent errors. It is best to take down the first measurement before going to measure it again. It is a good sign when the two measurements would match. The first thing you should measure is the width and then the height next. You may think your windows have the same size but they mostly aren’t. Make sure you get separate measurements for the windows. Make sure you give the manufacturer the exact window measurements. They will then proceed to do their own deductions. You can either mount the custom blinds inside or outside the window frame. Many prefer their blinds on the inside part of the window frame. This would give a neater look. You will be able to add curtains and also other window treatments with this system since it creates more depth to the window. A lack of window depth would mean that the blinds should be placed outside of the window sill. If you want most light to be blocked, it is best to put custom blinds inside of the window sill.
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Prior to mounting, the measurements will be an important factor to consider. If you are planning to put the custom blinds in the inner part of the window sill, then taking the width and height of the three spots is essential. In order to measure width, you should take the top to the middle and the bottom measurements. Height will be measured going from left, right, and middle. If you are planning to mount the custom blinds on the outside sill, you would need to take the measurements through the edge of the window molding. Because of the hardware on outside mounts, it is essential to add one inch and half.
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The correct tools can make hanging your custom blinds as simple as possible. You would need to have a ladder or step stool, steel tape measure, and a drill with different bit types.